The Best Airbrush Tattoo Party Rentals

We’re a mobile airbrush tattoo company that brings the party right to your backyard! Our airbrush artists will set up our awesome temporary tattoo pagoda at your event and apply unlimited airbrush tattoos with your party guests!

Airbrush tattoos are safe for everyone, and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, from 3 to 103 years old! If you’d like a temp tattoo artists at your party, book an airbrush artist today, or contact us with any questions.

make your own temporary tattoos with our airbrush tattoo kit and professional airbrush artists at your next event in ct

Our airbrush tattoo designs can last up to two weeks with proper care, depending on your age and the temp tattoo placement. Our artists use cosmetic skin-safe tattoo inks in our airbrush tats, and will help you customize your tattoo with your favorite colors!


We have a tattoo for everyone in our stencil collection!

Butterflies, dolphins, paw prints, suns, flowers, peace signs, barbed wire, skulls, trucks, dragons, tribal designs, & even a BARCODE tattoo!

Choose Your Airbrush Tattoo Colors

create custom temporary tattoos with airbrush tattoo paint colors like blacklight, glow in the dark ink, and more

Pick your favorite colors from our tattoo ink bar with 12 vibrant ink colors to choose! The color tattoo inks we have are black, white, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, light blue, lime green, pink, purple, & neon pink!

Tattoo Care Cards

how to remove temporary tattoos from your body with baby oil or isopropyl alcohol with our airbrush tattoo business

Each of your guests will get a temporary tattoo care card that will help them keep their tattoo looking awesome & extend the tattoo life.

How To Care For Your Airbrush Tattoo:

1. Gently pat your tattoo dry after you bathe or shower.

2. Apply baby powder to your tattoo after gettign wet.

3. REMOVE ANYTIME with baby oil or 91% rubbing alcohol

4. Rock your new airbrush tattoo for the world to see!!

Tattoo Design Wall

choose from over 300 airbrush tattoo stencils with our airbrush tattoo starter kit and we'll create your custom temporary tattoos

Coconut Party offers the complete airbrush tattoo service! Our tattoo setup includes over 330 unique airbrush designs, a gigantic 60 sq. ft. tattoo design display. It’s the ultimate airbrush tattoo experience!

Airbrush Tattoos - SINGLE COLOR

Choose A Few Ink Colors For Your Event
  • Get MORE Tattoos Per Hour – PERFECT For Large Events & Schools!
  • 330+ Airbrush Tattoo Designs
  • Temporary Tattoo Pagoda
  • Your Guests Choose ONE Ink Color For Their Tattoo
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Airbrush Tattoos - FULL COLOR

Custom Tattoos With Over TEN Ink Colors!
  • Your Guests Get FULL COLOR Airbrush Tattoos!
  • 330+ Airbrush Tattoo Designs
  • Temporary Tattoo Pagoda
  • Includes Over Ten Ink Color Choices
  • Pick Your Favorite Colors & Customize Your Tattoo With Our Airbrush Artists!
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Over TWENTY Ink Colors For Your Guests!
  • PERFECT For Blacklight Parties & Events
  • 330+ Airbrush Tattoo Designs
  • Temporary Tattoo Pagoda
  • Includes Ten Ink Color Choices
  • Five FLUORESCENT Ink Colors
  • Plus GLOW IN THE DARK Ink!
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